We believe all humans deserve access to healthy food. We know the best projects emerge when diverse people come together.

Join us in co-designing the future of refugee agriculture—August 18, 2018 in NYC for the 2018 Farms Not Arms Design Challenge


Forging the Seeds of Peace

With the number of displaced people on the rise, global food insecurity is at an all-time high. At Farms Not Arms, we accept this challenge as an opportunity to bring people and ideas from across the world together to co-design solutions to some of the most complex problems surrounding food production and self-sufficiency.  

Designing a Better World Together

Given the right conditions, seeds grow to produce energy for an entire ecosystem. People are no different. By investing in fundamental human rights, communities can pave their own paths to peace and security. Such fundamental rights like food security are the first to disappear when conflicts such as war arise. Our aim is to plant the seeds of peace by helping war victims achieve food security.

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Rooted in Community

Farms Not Arms centers refugee voices in the design process. Together with the Syrian community, 'Farms Not Arms' aims to promote self sufficiency, share modern agricultural techniques, and help develop income-generating activities.

Feeling Inspired? Join us at the 2018 Farms Not Arms Design Challenge.